Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Election Day!

Can you believe it? It's finally here. After months and months of campaigning– after all the crazy stunts that each candidate has pulled, after all the speculating by the media, all the proselytizing by the blogs, and the hilarity on the Daily Show and SNL– this day has finally come, and in less than (hopefully) 24 hours, it will be over.

I find myself, today more than all the other days, rather choked up over the prospect of our nation being able to choose a new leader to take us in a new direction. I already voted two weeks ago via absentee ballot in California, and I am a little bit sorry that I won't be able to participate in the Election festivities/frustrations at having to wait for two hours.

Anyway, if you are planning not to vote, I would like to direct you to an editorial over at NYU Local by the National editor Ned Resnikoff, whom I think is really very talented and thoughtful.

Also, I have been trolling all my favorite websites to see what they, or the commenters, are saying. Over at Pajiba, there is an open thread going on, just about Election day in general, and one of the regular commenters, Sabrina, had said that she did not vote in her very liberal state of New York, for the reason that the state was going to turn out blue anyway. Most commenters immediately disagreed with her attitude, but I think TK , a fellow commenter, said it best:

"OK, I'll say this again for those who may have missed it the first time I went on this tirade.

Re: Voting.

I don't give a damn if your state is a lock. I don't care if you don't think your vote makes a difference. You should vote because you can. You should vote because people fought and struggled and DIED to give you the right to vote. You should vote because only a few decades ago, blacks couldn't vote. You should vote because women once weren't able to vote. You should vote because 25 years ago in South Africa, my parents couldn't vote.

You should vote because if you don't vote, you make a mockery of every single person in the world who has been denied their right to do the same.

Goddamn it people, you should vote because it's your right, your privilege. It's a motherfucking honor to be able to vote."

That's about right, I believe. So please, folks, go out and vote. It's may be a long, tedious process (6 hours if you are in Florida, but if you are in Florida, you should definitely be voting) but those hours will be important in shaping our next four years. Less than 24 hours, everyone, and we might be seeing America in a new light.

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