Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scientists Find Trigger For Northern Lights

I have always wondered how to write a science article. I feel like for a lot of reporters and writers, they can say that they are versatile in the various different topics that they are willing to cover, but if we were to approach them with a science issue (or even a heavy business article- think Bloomberg news) they would think it is out of their area of expertise.

Side note: Is there really an area of expertise for a reporter? Sure, s/he might constantly be hearing and talking to many different people about a specific topic, and it could be their beat, but I feel like because most reporters get so many points of views, it is difficult to become an expert in any one topic. Instead of knowing a lot about one thing, I think reporters tend to know a little about a lot. Which could be either very helpful because of the variety of voices that are out there; or just rather superficial because s/he might barely scratch the surface of a point of view of an issue.

Anyway, in this article written by Kenneth Chang, it is revealed that scientists have finally found out what causes the beautiful auroras in the skies. I read that article about four times, but I am still not too sure what is going on. That is the main problem with science writing- a writer must be able to take very technical words/events/happenings and whittle them down to laymen terms while translating the impact of the research to an audience who is not exposed to these findings every single day. After all, a person who knows all there is to know about magnetic fields and substorms on the Sun will likely be excited when they read this. But the rest of us are thinking, "Okay... but how does this affect me? I don't get it."

Or if you are like me, you are probably thinking, "Perhaps we are one step closer to meeting our daemons in the other world."


SwtCute03 said...

i dont get the science articles ever. they usually talk in these scientific terms that just boggles my mind haha

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