Friday, July 20, 2007

A Funeral For A Young Police Officer Draws 10,000 Mourners

I literally gasped when I saw the cover page of the New York Times this morning. At first I thought I was seeing some sort of parade or commemoration for some important event, possibly happening in another country- but then I saw the bright store fronts that was so distinctively Brooklyn, and I realized that today was the funeral for the officer who got shot on July 9th by car thieves.

I have unintentionally caught the head and the tail end of this story. When it first happened, I remember the New York Times running a large article about how the officer, Russel Timoshenko, and his partner, Herman Yan, were shot by three men in a stolen car. That article stuck out in particular because there was an accompanying piece about how the majority of the NYPD is now made up of immigrants (Timoshenko is Belorussian; Yan is from Hong Kong) and I thought about the boy who was an NYU student who got killed a couple months back- he was Russian, I believe. The New York Times had an article about how he and his family had immigrated from Russia, and they live in Green Point now, and what a great kid this boy was.

I really didn't read much about it again (maybe once in the Post) until today when the above picture caught my attention.

It is great that the New York Times bothered to tie the two police shootings together, to remind people that it is a dangerous profession that men and women are voluntarily choosing. It humanizes the NYPD, turning them into real people with real faces- they are not just a cloudy blob of blue that help to promote vague abstracts like "justice" and "law."

I actually encountered some people today who were at the funeral. They had just came from the funeral and were slightly drunk.

Today's article was written by Andy Newman. I shall also include the original article in the links below.

Link to the first article on July 10:
Link for article about immigrants in NYPD:

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