Thursday, March 15, 2007

Greenwich Village Gunfight Leaves Four Dead

This one definitely hits close to home. I was walking home from work yesterday around 9-ish, and there were a lot of police cars just making their way towards the south side of West Village. And usually, I don't turn my head when I hear cop cars, I'm used to sirens. But then there was another, and then another- and all these cop cars were coming from different directions and all going to the same place. I considered going down the street to see what was going on because I was curious and nosy, but I decided to just go home.

It was on the front page of the New York Times, and apparently some man walked into a pizzeria on MacDougal St., DeMarco's, and shot the bartender. Then when he left the pizzeria, two auxiliary officers followed him down the street, while calling for the cops. Suddenly the man turned around and shot those two auxiliary officers. I guess by then the cops started arriving (which was around the time when I was walking home) and they shot the man and he died.

Anyway, what I learned from that article was that sometimes the cops who hang out on busy streets, who patrol and stuff, aren't actually cops, but they're called auxiliary officers. They have almost identical uniforms. On the newspaper, there was a sidebar where they talked about auxiliary officers, and what their duties are.

"The two were members of the city’s auxiliary police force, which is made up of unpaid volunteers who wear uniforms virtually indistinguishable from those of New York City Police officers but who are unarmed."

Basically, they're just for show, to keep the crowds safe, and they're not being paid to put their lives at risks.

So on my way out of my dorm, the security guard warned me about the two reporters hanging out outside, and that they would bug me to sign them in. I asked why they're there, and security guard said, "Didn't you hear? An NYU kid died in that shooting last night."

Anyway, the newspaper did not mention names, but if you look at it online, it says names. The NYU kid was one of the auxiliary officers and his name is Yevgeniy Marshalik, Eugene to most people. He lives in my dorm, and he's 19.

Definitely hits closer to home than I'd like it to. This is so unfortunate, I don't even know what to say.

This article was written by Alan Feuer and Al Baker. The article about auxiliary officers is titled "Uniformed Eyes and Ears on the Front Lines" and it was written by James Barron.

Link for the article about auxiliary officers:

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